The Double Standard Luke Missed

I get what Luke was trying to say in asking Ciara why it was okay for her to be all over Austen in front of him in Vermont. However, I was pretty sure they were done after the awkward ghosting Ciara pulled in the COVID season of Summer House.

What Luke SHOULD’VE been asking was “why was it okay for you to be all over Austen in front of LINDSAY in Vermont?”

Lindsay clearly had dibs on Austen then. We all remember the sloppy “yeah we’ve banged” scene at the dive bar. So why now, after months of not being a thing, does Ciara get to demand Austen be hers and Lindsay back off? If I were Lindsay, I’d do the same thing to Ciara. But then again, I am viciously petty towards women who start shit they can’t finish. But I digress.

Lemme say, I am still appalled either of these women are giving toxic muppet mouth a second thought. But, we play with the cards we’re dealt.