I found Oliver from Summer House via Mya's instagram

I found thé Oliver that Mya was flirting with on tonight's episode of Summer House. The Oliver that Danielle described as tall, dark, and handsome; the Oliver in the red muscle t-shirt. I took to Mya's Instagram like a creep and found that she follows an Oliver, who is the Oliver.

Here's Oliver's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chefboyog3/?hl=en

He's followed by Craig, Robert, Amanda, Ciara, and Lindsay, too. He works at Project Come Up, which is a non profit that aims to "support and enrich young Black and Brown people with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve equal opportunity."

And yes, it's 10000% the right Oliver because he shared in his Stories that he was going to be on tonight's Summer House.

I'm a creep and ur welcome