BTW Paige and Craig became official in October, to clear up any confusion

It's really interesting that on Summer House, two relationships are being teased as a "watch and see what happens" kinda thing. First, there's the Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula "will they or won't they" get married storyline, even though, 99.9% of fans know that they do. Then we have the Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover storyline. "Will Paige and Craig become official?" is the mystery the show is trying to solve, but again, we know the answer: Yes. They do. Craig stops hooking up with Kristin Cavallari (or stops lying about hooking up with her, depends on what you believe) and Paige stops kissing Andrea Denver and Paige and Craig become boyfriend/girlfriend.

The only mystery about this whole storyline -- to me -- is the "when" of it all. So I looked it up and Paige and Craig released a statement (via "a source") to Page Six (every New York Bravolebrity's favorite go-to outlet) that they are officially a couple as of Oct 4, 2021.

A lot of us thought that when Craig and Paige posted their photobooth pics from Kyle and Amanda's wedding that that was the official statement on them dating, and it might've been part of that. That was in September, 2021.

They spent Halloween together in Charleston, and I saw on their socials that they spent Thanksgiving at both his family's house and hers. The rest is herstory.

It's a little bizarre watching Kyle/Amanda and Paige/Craig's "will they won't they" drama since we know how it all ends, but it is still fun seeing the journey, I guess. Now, do I wish Paige's journey was with Andrea and not Craig? 100%.

Maybe next season?