Was Kyle's birthday speech warranted?

This episode of Summer House was jam packed with drama, and I was here for it.

The climax of the episode, in my opinion, was Kyle's "birthday speech." Which actually turned into a "mind your own business" speech. I'm conflicted on whether or not it was warranted from Kyle. On one hand, the SH ladies can't mind their own business, they are on reality television. That, and they were looking out for their friend who may or may not be making one gigantic marital mistake. On the other hand, having four of the five (one was in a different state) female housemates confront your fiancé about how horrible you are, might make you a little defensive.

I for one, loved the dramatic moment. I watched like a deer in headlights. It was a car crash that I could not look away from. However, if I were Amanda, I would be pissed.

What are your thoughts on the speech? Love or hate?