Paige and Ciara's duhumanizing of Lindsay

One thing that I found particularly upsetting at the Summer House reunion this season was Paige and Ciara's use of language when talking about Lindsay. For example, when Ciara was talking about whether or not Austen and Lindsay had sex, she said, "the hurt is still the same whether he entered you or not." Paige, on the other hand, said "I don't care who you let inside you," when talking with Lindsay.

It's easy to look at these two phrases and align it with slut-shaming (which they were likely trying to do), but it also dehumanizes Lindsay. It's language used more for objects than people, and is incredibly offensive, regardless of how hurt you may or may not be about her actions.

It's clear both of them came into the reunion with an agenda, but trying to reduce Lindsay to a thing vs. a person does not win you favors.