Is Paige the new Jax?

Hear me out!

After watching the reunion and truly sitting with it for a day, I couldn't shake the nagging question I've wondered all season... why does Paige hate Lindsay?

The excuse (yes, I said excuse) Paige gave during the reunion of why she was giving Lindsay a cold shoulder, was because "there's a hierarchy" and it's "hard to come into the group." From what I saw, Paige has never once — NOT ONCE — seemed like an outsider, nor has the rest of the group ever excluded her. It's also weird for her to bring this up so many seasons in...

But then I had an a-ha moment. Paige wants to be the #1 Girl in the Group. Much like J*x Taylor, who wanted to be the #1 Guy in the Group on Vanderpump.

We saw Jason Couchi turn against some of his closest friends, and make enemies out of nothing, just because he started to lose control of being the #1 Guy (which, I don't think he ever was, but it was cute to watch him think he held that title).

Paige, on the other hand, I think had a great chance at being the #1 Girl, but when Hannah sh*t the bed last season, and left her in a bit of a lurch, and then Winter House and Beyond happened, when ppl lost all faith in her because she started dating Craig, she turned on the one person who was constantly being accepted by the Bravo fandom, no matter what she did: Lindsay. It's a matter of jealousy and trying to villainize someone to regain her crown.

It may not be 1:1 but I think that the argument can be made... Paige wants to be #1 Girl, felt like she was losing that (on her own accord, btw) and has now taken on a new Brat persona that will ultimately be her Bravo downfall.