Who is Luke Gulbranson dating now?

Luke’s dating life / relationships were certainly not in the forefront of this season. I guess he had enough of that last season with Hannah. But after that, let’s say… interesting Prom date (a girl that literally slid into his DMs and seemingly traveled from the midwest to the Hamptons for just the party), I can’t help but wonder if Luke is either a) still with that girl, or b) with someone else.

So it doesn’t seem like Nicole and Luke are remotely together anymore. As of two weeks ago, they didn’t even follow each other on Instagram. The 2022 sign of — NOPE, NOT YOU! He also doesn’t seem to have any, obvious, links to other women on his page. Seems like he’s been busy in the woods, choppin’ wood and making maple syrup! https://www.instagram.com/p/Cc_o_8MO7dP/

However… what about Mya?

The Luke and Mya rumors were definitely swirling earlier this year, but Mya is clearly with (or linked to) Oliver still, per her WWHL interview. But Luke did say in Feb. to ET: “I will tell you that I would never close the door on something with Mya. Mya is an extremely intellectual, amazing person. I enjoy the time that I do get with her. She’s a great person to talk to; she’s extremely communicative, and she’s beautiful, and just has a lot of cool things going for her.”

So I guess, it could still happen? But timing right now just ain’t happening! I kinda like the idea of them, but also like Oliver for Mya — as long as Mya is happy and Luke has his syrup!