Why Carl & Lindsay broke up the first time around

As we all saw in the Summer House finale last night, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard decide to give their romantic relationship another go. I had forgotten why Carl and Lindsay broke up the FIRST time around, so I did some digging.

Basically, Lindsay said that Carl wasn't acting like he wanted a serious relationship, which she did. She wrote on Instagram back in March 2020:

"Unfortunately going into it, Carl didn’t exactly understand that I’m not dating just to date at this point in my life (even if he is my best friend), or that he wasn’t quite ready for the level of commitment I need in a relationship. Our expectations were not aligned, which is where it all went wrong. Trust me, he knows, and I made it very clear to him back in July as you are seeing now. I held him accountable then and he holds himself accountable now. Carl is growing, albeit slowly, but he’s getting there. He watched the episode and called me saying, 'I’m sorry Hubb House. Watching this back, I realize I was wrong, and it’s hard to watch.'"

I mean, Carl has certainly done some growing over the past two years. His sobriety and his self-reflection look good on him, and Lindsay seems willing and able to live a sober life, too.

Now, I was intrigued that, in the Summer House reunion trailer, it was revealed that no one from the cast "likes" Carl and Lindsay's couples' photos on Instagram... I can't WAIT to hear more.

I don't know if they're meant to be or if this is short term, or worse, all for TV, but, reading back about their Season 5 relationship, that DID seem really real. This one???? We'll seeeeeee