Craig & Austen Blame "The Edit"

There is a video going around of Austen and Craig as their "Pillows and Beer" live tour talking about how the editors of Summer and Winter House are terrible and that's why they look bad on these shows.

In the video, Craig references Hannah Berner also getting "the bad edit" last season on Summer House. First of all, why would you comment on things as if you were there? Craig was never at the Summer House last year, so how would HE know what kind of edit Hannah got? Even if it is true, he wasn't there! Don't act like you were!

And about Austen.... Should we ask Ciara if Austen got a bad edit? Or maybe Lindsay? I think I know what they would say. And even Craig! If it was just "a bad edit," why didn't the Southern Charm bffs talk for two months? Something Craig has publicly admitted to!

For these two allegedly hating drama, they are always in the middle of it.