Found Luke's prom date Nicole on Instagram

I was fascinated when Luke said last week that he was bringing a date to the Summer House prom. Not because Luke + a date is that foreign of a concept (although it is pretty foreign — no offense bud!) but instead because he said he met this woman on INSTAGRAM.

Who knew that sliding into Luke's DMs would actually result in a date? Not me, and perhaps not even Nicole — who is the girl Luke is bringing to prom.

After some deep diving, I found Nicole. The interesting thing is... she nor Luke follow each other on Instagram anymore. Trouble in paradise? Did they ever? I don't know... I guess we'll have to see how the prom goes, but they certainly don't seem to be TOGETHER anymore. (If they were together in the first place.) And I feel pretty confident in saying that considering some of the things I've listed below.

But here's everything I learned about Nicole...

- Her name is Nicole Rinicella

- She lives in Ohio (Did she fly to NY for this event?)

- She graduated from University of Arizona Alum in 2017, making her 27. Luke is only 38, but still... don't know if I buy that age difference for a man who enjoys woodworking already

- She was pre-law at Arizona

- She's definitely an Instagram girlie... here's her page

- She is apparently a law clerk now (per her LinkedIn)

- She tweets... a lot. Like, a little 2012 Twitter (stream of consciousness)

I also just have to share her subtle Instagram post from Labor Day wknd when the prom party occurred. No reference (I'm sure there was some sort of "don't post about it") other than a location tag in Southhampton. LOL

What do we think? Will she be back next season or go the way of Carl's friend Mackenzie?