Should we bring back Hannah?

After watching Paige’s story showing Hannah’s bachelorette, I have to admit I was a little nostalgic. Hannah is messy! We need mess!

Just thinking ahead to next season…

Carl and Lindsay will be sober and tame

Amanda and Kyle won’t have wedding drama, but they might have kid drama, which is not that fun to watch

Paige and Craig? Only interested if they’re fighting. Which they seem too smart for

Danielle? Not a lot for her to do if Lindsay is behaving

Ciara? Don’t tell me the show centers on her. She’s too immature to carry a show atm!

Mya? I still don’t really know who she is

Alex? Please. Luke? Is he even in the show?

Now I know Hannah will be married but I don’t think that will tame her. I think she’ll still be Hannah, and Des can be in a house down the street. Hannah could be the catalyst for a lot of drama and laughs. Food for thought!