I get how Carl & Lindsay happened now

I thought Carl made an interesting point in Monday's episode of Summer House when he said that he couldn't invest himself in a new relationship with Mackenzie at that time in his life and needed to focus on himself, his self-improvement, his sobriety, and staying alive.

I think that's GREAT and I'm constantly impressed by Carl's drive to be the best version of himself.

So how, you ask, does he get to be in a rather serious relationship with Lindsay just a few months later? I think it actually makes complete sense. It's not that Carl doesn't WANT to be in a relationship, it's that being in a new relationship is actually so exhausting. You're constantly playing catch-up with someone in letting them into your life. Telling them stories, sometimes reliving traumas, re-activating triggers... Just having them learn about you takes time and energy that Carl — right now — doesn't believe he has. (Which may very well be true!)

So, who better to skip that part with than your best friend — enter Lindsay.

Hubb House doesn't require the background knowledge we all find ourselves downloading on a new partner, because she's been there by his side throughout all of it. Instead, they can just be the support system the other needs without needing to be like "well why do you react that way? who are you?" that is such a tiring part of dating someone new that no one talks about! Skip it and date your BFF!

I've never had a friendship turn into a romantic relationship, but after seeing Carl talk about it... I get it now!