Here's How Danielle's Relationship With Lindsay & Carl Shifted When They Started Dating

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Here's How Danielle's Relationship With Lindsay & Carl Shifted When They Started Dating

For Danielle Olivera, Summer House's Greek chorus and the former girlfriend of Carl Radke, it was a bit of a surprise when her best friend Lindsay Hubbard and her ex started dating and were dubbed "The First Couple of Bravo." (The two gave it a finger bang try a few summers prior, but it flopped like a belly in the backyard pool.)

"I didn't expect [that title]," Danielle told The Dipp in March. "[Carl, Lindsay, and I have] been through so much together over the years, and then this happens... I'm just like, 'Oh wow, this is us now. I'm with the first couple of Bravo.'"

When your best friend starts to date your ex, things may get awkward. But when everyone in the Hamptons house that you share for the summer is hooking up with each other, it's just a normal Monday afternoon.

It's not that Danielle isn't supportive of her friends dating. Watch any episode of Summer House this season and you'll see Danielle is nothing but a cheerleader for the two cast members (individually, and together). But, that doesn't mean there wasn't a learning curve when RadHouse shifted their friendship into something more last fall. Danielle had been friends with Lindsay since the series premiered in 2017, and Carl, well... Carl was Danielle's ex-boyfriend who got an OTPHJ from her in the back of an Uber a couple summers ago.

"Lindsay for sure naturally respected [the boundaries]," Danielle said about when they got together. "[But] we did have a shift in our text message dialogue, where in her relationships... we talk about literally every single thing. I wanted to take a step back because I can't hear every single thing about Carl. Carl at this point is like family to me, so it's almost like hearing too much about your brother, and you're just like, 'Oh, can you not?' kind of thing."

As for Danielle's couple goals on Summer House, she's taking a page from the Bravo Clubhouse to answer that one. When asked what couple — besides her and Robert — are the most stable and one that she looks up to, Danielle said, "Can I plead the fifth?"

A "plead the fifth" from a Bravoleb? Yes, Danielle, yes you can.

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