Kyle Cooke Makes Terrible Decisions, But Does That Mean He's Not Marriage Material?

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Kyle Cooke Makes Terrible Decisions, But Does That Mean He's Not Marriage Material?

We first met Kyle Cooke of Bravo's Summer House back in January 2017 when he was a single 34-year-old navigating the dating scene in both New York City and the Hamptons. Although Kyle was unattached that first summer in the house, he would still text his ex (now wife), Amanda Batula, for a late-night booty call and she usually showed up.

The pair had ended things earlier that summer because Kyle said he wanted to be free to hook up with whomever he wanted, and didn't want to have a literal "girlfriend." He wanted his cake and to eat it, too.

But, as the sun set on another epic summer in the Hamptons, and the fun of eating cake wore off, Kyle and Amanda became official boyfriend/girlfriend by Labor Day.

Let's just pause here: He immediately sounds like a douchebag, right?

Kyle and Amanda season one of Summer House.

Fast-forward five years to Season 6 of Summer House, and Kyle and Amanda are weeks away from getting married.

Reading this, you'd think that in those five years, Kyle finally got his shit together and started treating Amanda like the queen she is, but no. During that time, they fought constantly about Kyle's partying ways, and he even admitted to cheating on her in Season 3... which all, somehow, led to an engagement at the end of Season 4.

While Kyle is no longer making out with random girls here in Season 6, he still is showing viewers some major red flags that have led to many people wondering why the fuck Amanda married him last September (me included).

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