How Many Times Has Kyle Cheated On Amanda During 'Summer House'? Let's Review The Tapes

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How Many Times Has Kyle Cheated On Amanda During 'Summer House'? Let's Review The Tapes

Last week's episode of Summer House showed us a lot of Amanda's insecurities regarding her relationship with Kyle, specifically her lack of trust in him. The pair even has a wedding contract. That's how serious this has gotten. Amanda confided in Paige and Ciara that her "biggest fear is that he [Kyle] would get so drunk one night that he would cheat on me and wouldn't even know that it happened." And her concern isn't unwarranted, because Kyle has cheated on Amanda on Summer House before.

But how many times has he cheated on her? While we don't want to dig up the past, it's hard to ignore the clear problems these two seem to be facing as they approach their wedding date, so we decided to look into it. (After all, it feels like it's been a topic of conversation almost every season.) And here's what we found...

Season 1

The pair had been dating for seven months before Kyle called things off because he didn't want to commit... even though he still called Amanda every weekend to come over. Technically, the pair wasn't exclusive yet so technically he never cheated on her.

Season 3: Episode 1

Image: Bravo

Kyle and Amanda are official together at the start of Season 2 and despite having their ups and downs that summer, no talk of cheating was mentioned. However, during the premiere of Season 3, we find out that Kyle was on a guys trip about a year ago and blacked out and woke up with a random girl in his bed. Amanda only found out a few months before filming this. Still, they seemed to overcome their differences until...

Season 3: Episode 9-10

Image: Bravo

Another rumor surfaces near the end of Season 3. Lindsay's friend tells her that back in April, she saw Kyle making out with someone. Kyle explains that he was blacked out and doesn't remember, and he comes clean to Amanda. Despite all of this, by the end of the season, the pair got engaged.

Reddit Rumors

Image: Reddit

About six months again, The Dipp's very own Samantha Bush was on the Mention It All Podcast and broke the news that she heard rumors that Kyle has been cheating again. And while it was just a rumor, and never confirmed by either Summer House star, it's hard to ignore considering their past.

Images: Instagram, @amandabatula

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