Has 'Summer House' Reached Its Peak?

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Has 'Summer House' Reached Its Peak?

When Summer House ends, it really feels like it's the last day of camp. You've laughed, you've cried, you've watched Luke Gulbranson build 47 campfires but ultimately you're sunburned and ready to go home. And that is exactly how I feel right now.

This season we really got so much, it was one of the best, but! In my opinion... we are at a tipping point. It happens to the best of shows. I feel we've reached a peak... and I worry... when will it cross over into the dark side like Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm, where the drama becomes too dark then a little too manufactured?

If you're a long-time Bravo fan, you know exactly what I mean, and this isn't me trying to be negative, this is just the truth. There comes a time in every run of these shows where things take a turn, where things go dark and then after that, they become over-produced. And my fear is we are starting to see this happen with our beloved Summer House.

During the amazing run that Vanderpump Rules had, we summited Everest during Season 6 as we watched when Jax Taylor got caught cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers next to an old lady (still shook over that tbh). And that same season, Tom Schwartz cheated on Katie Maloney, Stassi Schroeder was back in the mix, Kristen Doute caused chaos everywhere, and Scheana Shay was dealing with her now ex-husband's secret addiction to pain medication. It was INTENSE.

But as amazing as that was, it quickly went downhill after that. I think the cast was burnt out, they were professionals in the art of reality television, and they realized they couldn't continue to be that vulnerable without completely losing their minds. And I get that.

I felt for so long Summer House was kind of Bravo's best kept secret – it had its cult following (me) and people enjoyed it – then the pandemmy happened. Everyone was pretty much stuck at home, and started binge watching it, creating a bigger, more passionate fandom. Seasons one through five, the drama wasn't too heavy. I mean sure, you had a cheating scandal here or there, a fingerbang in the pantry, but overall, it was light and breezy. Nothing too deep. Summer should be fun, after all.

Now, though, we are watching the cast cross-over from a regular group of friends in the Hamptons to professional reality stars with brands to build and shill. Gone is the light-hearted vibe; now we're dealing with a lot of mess. And not fun mess. Uncomfortable mess.

And I put the blame of this shift on the boys of Southern Charm, who infiltrated Montauk this season.

They came up from Charleston and wreaked havoc on the house. We watched it all season long – Craig Conover called Lindsay Hubbard a loser repeatedly for simply bringing up that he supposedly hooked up with K. Cav. Then we watched Ciara Miller throw a wine glasses in an intense confrontation over Fozzy Be... I mean, Austen Kroll. This stuff doesn't normally happen in the summer house!

It was a level of insanity and animosity we'd never seen before from our share-house-mates. Summer House doesn't have Kathryn Dennises and T. Ravs; we have Kyle Cookes in mullet wigs, Lindsays getting amusingly activated and hookups in a kitchen closet. Yes, of course there's always been some tension, but nothing like we saw this year. The baseline of friendship that used to be the foundation of the show just wasn't there this season.

Part two of the reunion ended with literally no resolution, and if anything, ended the season with the house in a worse place then it was when they all arrived. Paige DeSorbo wouldn't even look at Lindsay, Danielle Olivera and Ciara really got no where, and Amanda Batula said during a hot mic moment that Lindsay is ruining Carl... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.

Where do we even go from here? I need the cameras to start rolling ASAP because I feel the longer they go without being forced to confront things and move froward, the worse things will get. The more tension will build. The more hatred will brew. And that can make for great television, sure, but that void has already been filled, especially on Bravo. I don't need another show to be a manic ball of anxiety full of darkness.

But that might be what happens when you've gone six seasons. The seven year itch is upon us and the cast's cycle of dissatisfaction with their jobs as reality stars might be getting under their skin. They're starting to scratch. I know my sunburn is itching, and it's time to find a cure. Because I wanna stay in the sun, not the shade.

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