Hannah Berner Explains Her POV On The Reunion, 5 Months Later

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Hannah Berner Explains Her POV On The Reunion, 5 Months Later

Bravo puts a lot of emphasis on confessionals, and we viewers do, too. It's where we're given a chance to connect to the star directly; it's where we get behind-the-scenes information about what was really going on while they filmed a certain scene, and most importantly, it's where we get the shady comments.

But before talking with former Summer House star Hannah Berner, I never really thought about what it would be like to be the Bravolebrity in this scenario. Imagine you film a show, you know it was rocky at times but everyone has made up with one another by the time you wrap, then months later, you see the confessionals when the show airs and suddenly... things are different.

The illusion you had about control – the false hope that you had power over your narrative and knew what would play out on the show – comes crashing down. You brace yourself for the backlash, then the reunion.

This is what Hannah went through. “The quarantine was really hard,” she tells me over the phone. “Because after the season, we were all great. We all were great.”

If you'll recall, during Season 5, we watched Hannah become an outsider in the house. She fought with Kyle Cooke about everything from taking out the garbage to her relationship with her dad (well, kinda); she fought with Amanda Batula about her fight with Kyle; and she and Luke Gulbranson started out rocky, but made it through the season on decent terms.

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