Details On Danielle Olivera's App, From The 'Summer House' Star Herself

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Details On Danielle Olivera's App, From The 'Summer House' Star Herself

Reunions are the Met Gala of Bravo. What a star wears for a two (or if we're lucky, three) part reunion will inevitably be used in memes and screenshots for the foreseeable future, which means they have to get it right. That's sometimes the case, but certainly not always. But thanks to Summer House star Danielle Olivera's app, reunion fashion disasters may soon become a thing of the past.

Danielle first shared information about her app on Summer House, and later told The Dipp in March about the Clueless-esque programming. “I think I am good at dressing myself, because I know my own personal style. I know what looks good on me. I know what fits my body,” Danielle said. “I want my app to be able to take all of that and suggest [clothing items] for [users] … Whether it’s something they already own and is already in their closet, or filling in the gaps."

So what is there to know about Danielle's forthcoming app? Here's what fans of the Summer House stars can expect.

What the app will actually do:

"What I want the app to do for everyone is to be able to get to know themselves, and their personal style sense, and have my app be able to take all of that and suggest things for them, to where it's actually curated for them. Whether it's something that they already own, putting together what's already in their closet, or being able to fill [in] the gaps.

It'll also give you the ability to purge your closet and have that one stop shop of getting styled with the stuff that you own, shopping for things that you don't, and then getting rid of the things that you don't want to wear. All in a very community-based [way]."

The mission of the app:

"What I want the app to achieve is becoming like I am to Lindsay [Hubbard], the best friend in the room. Like, "OK that looks really good," or "No, you should definitely not freaking wear that." And not only for the Hamptons, but if you're going to Turks and Caicos, if you're going to St. Martin... I want to be able to make you feel comfortable dressing for that specific place wherever you're going."

What is the app's name?:

"I have a working name, but I'm working with a brand strategist to tease it out. But the minute it does have a name, I'm going to create the Instagram account so that people can follow along in the journey. That is coming and it's coming soon."

And what is the app's timeline?:

"I'm really hoping to raise money and accelerate the build of it. We have a lot of good stuff coming up, but what I'm going to be doing in the next couple of months is really reaching out to my followers and asking for them to sit and talk with me about it, because I would like to get as much feedback as possible before launching it to everyone."

Images: Bravo

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