Craig Conover Was Kicked Out Of Amanda & Kyle's Wedding, Sources Claim

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Craig Conover Was Kicked Out Of Amanda & Kyle's Wedding, Sources Claim

It's no shocker that people like to get drunk at weddings. And it's no shocker that Craig Conover likes to get drunk at weddings. On his podcast Pillows and Beer, Craig's co-host Austen Kroll said Craig "was lit, no doubt about it" at Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke's wedding and Craig agreed, adding that he wrecked his tuxedo that night because he was dancing so hard. "I was doing summersaults at one point," Craig said.

But is there more to the story? According to sources that spoke exclusively with The Dipp, yes.

Our account begins on April 26, 2022 when the first of multiple vetted and verified wedding attendees DM’d me about what reportedly happened that beautiful September night in a backyard in New Jersey.

My sources claim Craig was kicked out of Amanda and Kyle's wedding "for being too drunk." But a source close to Craig claims that "didn't happen at all." Bravo declined to comment.

The chaotic story only begins there. Here's what the verified wedding attendees (who asked to remain anonymous) exclusively told me over DM:

Wedding Guest A

On April 26, my first source who attended the wedding DM'd me and said Craig was "on one" at Amanda and Kyle's wedding. (Something Craig confirms in an October, 2021 podcast episode, admitting he was "lit" and "fired up" at their wedding.)

Guest A claimed that the Batulas had set up bathrooms outside for the guests – you know, the nice, fancy port-a-potties – and had asked that only the wedding party use the bathrooms inside the house.

According to this wedding insider, Craig apparently ignored the request and tried to use the upstairs bathroom inside the Batula home. When Craig was told he couldn't use it, he reportedly got angry and cursed out the person who gave him the news. As a result, Craig was "asked to leave" and was "kicked out."

Then, another verified wedding guest slid into my DMs.

Wedding Guest B

The second message from Wedding Guest B basically claimed the same thing – Craig was kicked out of Amanda and Kyle's wedding for being too drunk (something, again, that sources close to Craig deny) – but doubled-down and said, "Yeah it was like really bad;" they went on to claim that it was "probably worse" than what Guest A had described. This source also shared more on the aftermath of the reported incident.

According to Guest B, a producer for Summer House called Craig the next day and told him to apologize for the incident.

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Wedding Attendee C

My third verified source shared information with me a few days after all of this was brought to my attention. Attendee C also claimed that Craig was kicked out of Amanda and Kyle's wedding "for being too drunk."

The Takeaway

I can sense from the casts' multiple Watch What Happens Live! appearances – and from Monday's reunion – that the tension and drama between the cast members is at an all-time high. Which is why we're all watching, right? To see what happens next?

Southern Charm Season 8, which will feature Paige DeSorbo, premieres next month; Summer House Season 7 is about to start filming; Winter House Season 2 wrapped a few months ago; and all of that doesn't even take into account what is supposedly happening behind the scenes, which, as we just learned, can be just as interesting, and can provide food for thought when it comes to the tension we see on-screen.

Sure, it may be "thirsty" (as King Carl pointed out) to appear on all three series, but when you have this much that you're giving, I have no problem with it.

Ba ba dooooo...

Image: Bravo

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