Are Ciara & Lindsay From 'Summer House' Friends Now?

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Are Ciara & Lindsay From 'Summer House' Friends Now?

It feels like an entire summer has gone by that we've been without our dear Summer House cast, when in fact, it's been two weeks. Still, that's two weeks without Lindsay's birthday party bra; two weeks without Paige's hushed phone calls to Craig; two weeks without Austen Kroll. (Maybe two weeks wasn't long enough?)

Austen has created a divide among the cast, specifically Lindsay and Ciara whose Summer House feud seems squarely based on the Southern Charm star. Hub House and Ciara are equally stunning bad ass women in their own right, so to see them go after each other over... Austen Kroll, human muppet, makes me want to scream. Why are we fighting over Austen Kroll! It's Austen Kroll!

The drama is just beginning between the love triangle. We know that Austen seems to be dating someone else entirely, while Lindsay is with Carl. But that doesn't mean animosity still can't exist, so let's see how Lindsay and Ciara have talked about each other recently to see if there's no love lost between the two incredible women.

Ciara Says...

In an interview with Us Weekly, Ciara revealed that the dynamic between her and Lindsay "wasn't great" during Summer House. She also said on WWHL that she thought Lindsay was "stirring the pot" when it came to mentioning the whole Kristin Cavallari thing.

Though these two things aren't indictments, necessarily, they don't paint a positive picture for their future friendship. However, I'd say these are more teasing interview responses than true disdain. Let's look over at Lindsay's comments.

Lindsay Says...

During WWHL, Lindsay was playing the "BFF Test" with Danielle and Andy asked, "Ciara with Austen: southern charming or totally harming?" to which the pair gave subtle shade replying "totally harming." It got even shadier when they said that Ciara was the most "not fun." Ouch.

While these are pretty tame responses, I definitely can read between the lines that they may not have been on the best of terms leaving Summer House. But we can't forget where this love triangle all began... Winter House. It has been reported by the Instagram account @bestofbravo that filming for Season 2 of Winter House began on February 25 with only Austen and Ciara (among others) as part of the main cast, although Lindsay and her boyfriend Carl do make an appearance.

With Lindsay in a happy and committed relationship, I hope that if there was bad blood, it's all water under the bridge now. As females we gotta lift each other up, not tear each other down. Besides, no man is worth this. Especially not Austen Kroll.

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