There Is Only One Thing Wrong About Carl & Lindsay

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There Is Only One Thing Wrong About Carl & Lindsay

*Taps mic* – I am coming to you all to say, that Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke have to be stopped. I don't mean break-up, God no. I hope they stay together forever and we get to see their wedding special and the chaos that would naturally ensue. What I do mean is that someone needs to delete Instagram from their phones and/or calm their incessant need to saturate my Instagram timeline with their love. Enough!

And, before we get into it or before you start saying "but...", I want to make this crystal clear, I love love. Everyone who knows me knows I root for love and that I'm always the hopeless romantic, fawning over any cute story no matter how little it might seem. But there is a line. And I'm afraid they have crossed it.

Being a huge Summer House fan from day one, Season 1, I was the first (or I like to think I was) to speculate this fall that Carl and Lindsay were dating; I got busy gathering all the pictures from Instagram, going to gossip accounts, and trying to piece things together. Then, in January 2021, after months of waiting, we finally got the confirmation that they are indeed dating.

And we, the tight Bravo community we arel, applauded, celebrated, threw a virtual love parade in their honor. I liked every photo they posted, I would send them IG DM's like the fan girl I am to tell them how happy I am for them (I know, I need to seek help). And I still feel that way... to some extent.

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