When Will 'Winter House' Premiere? The New Bravo Show Starts Filming Soon

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When Will 'Winter House' Premiere? The New Bravo Show Starts Filming Soon

Bravo has been setting up the Southern Charm and Summer House crossover for years — remember in Summer House seasons' past when the Southern Charm guys would show up to party? and then Craig Conover hooked up with Jules Daoud? it was great TV! — and now, the crossover is official. Winter House will premiere on Bravo. It's a matter of when, not if.

And it's that question, the "when" of it all, that we're trying to figure out. We might as well be Lindsay Hubbard begging for a sandwich because we are just that impatient and amped up and ACTIVATED.

Here's what we know. (Will update if Bravo responds to our request for comment and/or more info.)

People has reported that Winter House (its working title, per the magazine) as of February 19, will start filming in the "coming weeks" in Stowe, Vermont.

We know from Craig's Instagram Story that he and Austen Kroll (who are both confirmed cast members of Winter House) are somewhere wintry right now.

We know from logic that if they're filming in a couple of weeks, that means editing will happen in a couple of months, which means we're probably looking at a late Summer 2021 premiere. Perhaps August?

'Southern Charm's Craig on Season 4 of 'Summer House'

We know that Summer House Season 5 filmed for six weeks in August, and it premiered in February, which means from filming to our beloved living rooms, it takes five or six months. If Winter House starts filming in early March, carry the one, we're probably looking at an August or September release.

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