Is Camilla really over Brandon?

So, we saw in the last episode that Camilla and Jordana seemed to bury the hatchet when it came to their drama and Brandon. Yet, I'm not totally convinced this is the end of their beef. I mean, these girls were pushing each other into pools and sleeping with Brandon behind each other's backs, multiple times. And clearly, these two have some unresolved issues with Brandon. I mean, we haven't seen Brandon apologize to Jordana yet even though he "kind of" apologized to Camilla at the beginning of this season. Camilla even got left behind by Will when she admitted to wanting the "chase" and that she was going back and forth between him and Brandon, so are either of them actually over him? If not, there's gonna be some serious drama cooking up between these two this season, if my gut is right. What do you guys think? Has the love triangle drama sailed or will it be coming back to shore for some more screen time?