Siesta Key Villains

We all know this show has had plenty of villains and it seems to switch up a lot between seasons or even between episodes if I’m being honest. So, why not rank them and discuss?

1. Chloe Trautman (Long)

For years, Chloe made people’s lives a living hell. She was always in everyone’s business and telling people’s secrets. I mean, she’s been physically assaulted numerous times because of the way she runs her mouth about other people. Now that she’s on her journey, she doesn’t have much of a bite in her as she did before, but she will always be my favorite Siesta Key villain.

2. Robby Hayes

God, Robby where do I even begin? He was an instigator for sure and you can’t tell me he wasn’t using Juliette to get on the show. Robby definitely brought out the worst in Juliette the minute he got to Siesta Key and Alex Kompo was one of the first people to warn her! When she fought Chloe and almost Amanda, all Robby did was escalate the situation and also.. threw Amanda’s phone in the ocean? Who does that? He was such a man child. Definitely a Siesta Key villain in my book. Why do all the unhinged people come from the Bachelor franchise?

3. Mike Vazquez

Now let me just start out by saying Mike is probably the best villain on Siesta Key right now. Not only does he run his mouth to people, but he also leaks a lot of stuff when they’re filming. Mike does it so much that in the trailer for this season, Juliette actually tells him to back off! I mean, can he at least work on not getting caught though? Let’s take Sam and Juliette for example, when they were supposedly broken up, Mike actually posted videos of them getting cuddly at a party. We see this party in the new season, so I know we will see these two getting cuddly, but damn Mike was not holding back. Mike is definitely the new villain and pot stirrer of Siesta Key and I am not mad one bit. Villains make the show.

So who is your favorite Siesta Key villain? Mine will always be Chloe.