Luxury luggage - help!

I am going to buy a nice brand of luggage. Don't try to sway me otherwise... it's going to happen. I like Away, but do I *like* Away? (Y'know?) I found this other brand called Monos. Seems comparable (if not a little better) than Away and looks chic and like a cool jet-set girl that I'm trying to be. (Bread Pitt, who?)

But am I missing something? Anyone have any luggage brands that they recommend so much that I should stop everything and buy it? Needs to be...

- hard shell

- 360 wheels

- cute

- ideally has a matching backpack (or at least aesthetically similar) that I can buy as well

Also... what color is the best color to get? I have read that white is what everyone's getting, thus being harder to spot at the airport. (Plus shows scuffs.) Thoughts on the Olive?