Print my Ipone Photos

Should I buy this pocket printer that prints my iPhone photos?

HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer – Personalize & Print, Water- Resistant 4x6" Pictures (3MP72A)

I have the Insta x mini which is like a new version of the Polaroid camera but I never use it because I much rather take photos on my phone camera where I know the picture looks good. I also want to get into having physical photos like people used to do back in the day. I want a photo album and that way I KNOW the photo is going to turn out the way I want it because I will be able to see it on my phone first! Who knows maybe this will inspire me to start scrapbooking. I’m appreciative of have photos easily accessible on my phone but I also miss that physical element and since the pandemic started I realize more and more each day how precious it is to live in the moment but also be able to look back on that moment. It is a bit pricey but I feel like its worth it for how convenient it is.