Wanted: Water bottle that encourages you to actually drink water

I am a dehydrated lil piece of Bread lately. Which is shocking to me, because I actually pride myself on how many liquids I drink throughout the day. (Big tea drinker... also love plain H20 and the occasional spicy water — aka sparkling).

But my skin / dermatologist tells me otherwise. She said "your skin is drier than the sahara" which feels hyperbolic and silly for someone with a medical degree, but that's neither here nor there at the moment.

I do drink a lot of water. But I also find myself really pounding water in the morning to get my metab goin, but then peetering out as the day goes on. So my derm recommended I get a water bottle that encourages drinking water throughout the day. (She also suggested I get an app that reminds me to drink 8 oz every hour, which I draw the line at... I don't need technology involved in this experiment.)

Has anyone found a water bottle that has encouraged them to continuously keep up their hydrating habits throughout the day? Should I get one that has check-ins on the bottle, like little hourly marks?

Any thoughts, or do I tell my derm to go eat sand?