We All Need A Little Jesper Energy After Watching 'Shadow And Bone'

- Shadow and Bone -
We All Need A Little Jesper Energy After Watching 'Shadow And Bone'

Tell me another character who has more confidence and charisma than Jesper Fahey on Shadow and Bone and I'll owe you a million kruge. I'll wait.

Mother of Saints, this rapscallion has got it going on and knows it. He has the definitive joie de vivre we all need to channel as we embark upon post-quarantine life after this dreadful year plus of isolation. Which of his talents shall we lead with come summer? Well, let's break down this sharpshooter's particular set of skills we can abide by.

If you look good as hell and you know it, raise your hand. Jesper is the life of the party, so when you're blasting music as you head into your night out that would rival any winter fete at the Little Palace, do what Jesper would do to pump himself up. Flaunt your favorite outfit you haven't been able to wear since February 2020 and blow yourself a little kiss in the mirror before hopping into that Uber.

Roll with the punches and dance your way through life. We survived this year of uncertainty, just like any job Jesper accepts from Kaz Brekker. He doesn't necessarily know how he'll get it done, but he always has faith that he'll make his way out of any scrape and have a good time doing it — even if a few unexpected detours pop up along the way.

Go For It
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