Every Time Characters On 'Shadow And Bone' Could Have Kissed But Then Just Didn't

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Every Time Characters On 'Shadow And Bone' Could Have Kissed But Then Just Didn't

If you weren't yelling, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" throughout all eight hours of Shadow And Bone, you might need to get something checked out. The YA fantasy series is 50% mythology, magic, love triangles, and heists, 5% pretty costumes, and 45% sexual tension. There's only one problem: they never kiss. Seriously, only one couple actually smooches on-screen, and while it is unquestionably hot, it is not nearly enough.

There are so many times throughout Season 1 that characters on Shadow And Bone could have kissed, it's almost cruel. And yet — spoiler alert — the only couple we actually get to see hook up is Alina and Kirigan. And their second make out session goes from scorching hot to incredibly creepy in about a nanosecond. But, what's done is done. And since I can't go back in time and force the Shadow and Bone writers to make the characters kiss when I wanted them to, I'll just list all those missed opportunities here.

When Alina & Mal Share Grapes

That lingering look that Mal and Alina share right after he promises he'll find his way back to her in the first episode had me screaming, "Just kiss already!" It had barely been 30 minutes.

When Kirigan Cut Alina

Do I really wish Kirigan had kissed Alina in front of a tent full of Grisha and probably without her consent? No. But was the way he slowly, but aggressively, walked towards her and pulled up her sleeve extremely hot? Yes.

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