Hey 'Sex/Life,' Stop Calling A Laptop "A Journal"

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Hey 'Sex/Life,' Stop Calling A Laptop "A Journal"

I'm sure your feeds on social are blowing up with all things Sex/Life (Episode 3 minute 20 to be exact 😳), but this is not an article about alllllllllllllllllll of that (... see what I did there).

Rather, I am here today to discuss a very pressing issue that has been haunting my mind since I started this latest binge. That is the simple fact that the laptop that is often referred to as a journal on Sex/Life, is not, in fact, a journal. It's a laptop. You guys. I just can't. Like, I literally can't with this.

First of all, the document that is her quote-unquote journal is titled "DEAR ME." I mean, I love a solid Britney Spears "Dear Diary" moment but why are we not using a Journal App? Or truly even the Notes App on her iPhone. I personally have had many a rant on my Notes App. But a Word Doc?

Secondly, can we talk about the formatting? The rules seem to be as follows:

  • Start a new entry on a new line vs. a new page and make sure to date it with just the month and day, no year.
  • Start a new paragraph every line.
  • CAPITALIZE certain words for EMPHASIS.
Image: Netflix, Ep. 2, Time Stamp 37:59

My third point, which I'm sure has left all you scratching your head in confusion as well, is that after she finds out that her husband has been reading her "Word Document" (I simply refuse to call it "a journal" in protest), why, for the love of all things Harry Styles, does she NOT (I capitalized for emphasis) change her password? Truly a huge plot hole in my mind.

Point number four. And this, in my personal opinion, is probably the most egregious out of everything listed: the name change of the "Word Document" in Episode 4 from "DEAR ME" to "Thanksgiving Recipes" (I think I actually let out a cackle during this moment). Also, clearly moving the "Thanksgiving Recipes" doc to the "Work" folder was not a good enough hiding place because he finds her journal again (dammit, I told myself I wasn't going to call it that). I guess she should have changed her password. Please see point 3 for any clarification.

And finally, my last point is also the most obvious one: a laptop is not a journal. It's a laptop. The defense rests your honor.

Image: Amanda Matlovich/ Netflix

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