We Need to Talk About Avril’s New Album…

Avril’s album, Love Sux, came out today and she didn’t even THINK about trying to sound like any other music coming out in 2022. She said let’s make every track sound like it’s a never before heard song from my 2002 album. And you know what?

More artists need to do this.

We fell in love with them during this time. We became addicted to their sound. And then times change and they try to stay relevant by adapting. And I’m going to be controversial - not everyone can do it. I won’t name names because I don’t want to be dragged. But close your eyes and think of your favorite Pop Princess of the early 2000s. Go mentally through the Billboard Top 100 of the time.

Don’t you wish your favorite artist stuck with that sound instead of getting experimental to stay with the times? Take the synth away. Give us the boardwalk. Give us dance breaks. Give us moon boots.

Avril knows. And I thank her for it.