Christine Quinn Call Her Daddy Interview

I watched the full interview because I’m obsessed with Christine Quinn. Here are some of the main takeaways.

- Grew up in a conservative home in Texas

- ran away at 17 while her parents were at Costco

- has an 8th grade education

- worked as a bartender then got a sugar daddy

- she was the first to want to do the show

- agreed to be the villain on the show but lines got blurred which is why she’s been alienated

- told producers about her new crypto business but they created the Emma storyline

- 6 storyboarders who write

- Christine gets paid the most

- separates them before scenes and tell them what was said by co-stars to amp them up

- production team is mainly men

- film for three hours 5-7 days a week

- Adam Divello told her to fall down the stairs and kill herself

- filed a complaint against him

- he’s been accused of misconduct and not allowed on set

- loves being on TV and may come back to Selling Sunset

- wishes she could redo things with Heather