Heather Rae Young and Christina Haack fight

Usually it’s Tarek El Moussa spitting venom at women whether it’s Christine Quinn or his ex-wife — Christina Haack. However, in recent photos Heather is seen yelling at a very calm Christina at a children’s soccer game. The exchange of words got so explosive that Christina’s new, new husband had to get in between them which led to Tarek trying to calm Heather down and move her away from the situation.

If I had to guess they may have been spatting about Heather’s comments on the Selling Sunset reunion where Tan France addressed Tarek’s explosive outburst on the set of Flip Or Flop last year where he screamed that Christina was jealous that Heather was hotter and richer than Christina. Heather agreed with the statement on the reunion that aired Friday.

Hot is subjective but if you look up their net worths — Christina is definitely more financially blessed which makes more sense considering Christina has multiple shows and has been in the real estate game for years whereas we know Heather from the Netflix hit.

Either way, the beef seems to be settled considering the very next day (Mother’s Day), the son that Christina and Tarek share had to get his appendix removed. Now, they are cleaning up this messy story by posting about how they came together during the medical emergency. Messy messy messy.