Comparing 'Selena: The Series' To The Real Life Performances That Inspired The Show

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Comparing 'Selena: The Series' To The Real Life Performances That Inspired The Show

Christian Serratos doesn't sing in Selena: The Series, but The Walking Dead actor does shake her "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" across the stage during nearly 20 performances throughout the first nine-episode stretch of the limited series. Sadly, not all of the real life versions of those performances are readily available on the internet, but I tracked down the ones that are to compare Selena: The Series to the real thing by the Queen of Tejano music. The most shocking revelation during the deep dive? Netflix's Serena is often even more enthusiastic onstage than the real Selena Quintanilla was.

Watching the Netflix series recreate some of Selena's most memorable onstage moments is hands down the best part of the show. Every scene where Selena y Los Dinos is working a cheering crowd exudes a sense of energy and joy that makes the show sing, even when the offscreen moments sometimes falter. And while it would have been interesting to see Serratos — who really does have musical chops of her own — sing the famed singer's hits, having the real Serena's tracks used throughout the show allows the late artist to play a small role in telling her own story.

Between Selena's vocals and Serratos' commitment to nailing the singer's stage presence, Selena: The Series' musical moments are a gift to fans of the singer, but just how close does the show get to recreating that one of a kind Selena Quintanilla magic?

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