The 'Euphoria' Parody On 'Saved By The Bell' Is A Good Reality Check

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The 'Euphoria' Parody On 'Saved By The Bell' Is A Good Reality Check

Ok, I'll admit it, the Saved by the Bell reboot is way better than it has any right to be. It's so good, it's worth paying for Peacock — seriously. Not only is it a fun teen comedy, it's also a pretty spot on satire of the absurdities of the original. But it doesn't just make fun of itself, the new Saved by the Bell also featured a Euphoria parody that will hopefully remind viewers that not all teen experiences are as dramatic as those on TV.

Euphoria has been heralded as an honest portrait of modern adolescence, specifically of teens who do drugs. More than that, it's a rare teenage show that doesn't talk down to its intended audience (though one could argue that the show isn't actually for teens at all), and that respects teen emotions and experiences. But that doesn't mean it's an accurate representation of all teenagers, as Saved by the Bell points out in Episode 7 of Season 1, "House Party."

In the episode, Daisy, a Type-A, school-oriented do-gooder decides she wants a "social rebrand," which means going to a rich kid party with her friends. As she excitedly tells her BFF Aisha, she's been watching Euphoria to prepare for her first big high school party. So, she does what any Euphoria fan would do, and shows up to the party wearing crystals on her face and angel wings. When she walks into the party, she's not bothered by the fact that most of the other kids are pretty much dressed exactly the same as they are at school. She also pregamed — a lot.

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