Four(!) new cast members to be added

Lorne Michaels told reporters backstage at the Emmys that four new cast members will be brought on board this upcoming season:

It’s a bit surprising, even with the exit of all the past cast members — while some speculated the mass exits would lead SNL to look more like the SNL of 10 years ago (with a smaller cast), this means the cast will remain rather large. (That said, a large cast allows for flexibility, so cast members can leave for a few months to make films or other projects without disruption. This probably ultimately makes it easier to get good cast members.)

Still, Lorne called it a “transition year,” which is interesting, and seemed to set up some possible growing pains:

“This will be transition year. Change years are always difficult but always exciting. There are new people. There are four new people at least for now.”

Surprised they haven’t announced the new cast yet, but crossing my fingers that at least Ben of PDD makes it!