I feel bad for SNL cast members who flop

In thinking about the "it" SNL cast members from a post on here the other day, I started to think about the cast members who just completely flop in their first season. It's got to be so hard — you get the most coveted job in the entire entertainment industry, and you get, like, 1-2 sketches for an entire year.

I especially feel bad from them knowing it's not their fault all the time — the SNL biography Live From New York talks about how cast members have to forge a pretty immediate bond with certain writers to get airtime, and if they don't, then... well, they're shit outta luck.

Now, it's worked out for many people — Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tim Robinson, and Jenny Slate, to name just a few — but for everyone of them, there's a Luke Null or Brooks Wheelan who we never hear from again.

I worry for Aristotle Athari this season, given he's only had a starring sketch once, but I wish there were a better path for SNL stars who fail to take off immediately. Like, we see so many performers start as writers (Jason Sudeikis and Bowen Yang, being two notable examples), so why not offer the reverse to performers? Let them become writers, so they can find their footing and have a chance in the future!