Ken Burns & Brad Pitt: The Same Person?

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Ken Burns & Brad Pitt: The Same Person?

There I was, minding my own oatmeal, when the TODAY Show on in my kitchen stopped me in my heart-healthy tracks. Oh, neat, Brad Pitt is being interviewed. Oh, I see the lockdown hair is real for Bradley. Oh wow, he's doing a documentary on Ernest Hemingway? Wait what, he's also got another one coming out that's about Muhammad Ali? Is Hoda calling him Ken, as in, like, Ken and Barbie? IS THIS KEN BURNS?!

Take a look.

#1: Is this Ken Burns, or hungover Brad Pitt?

Through the haze of poor internet quality and my own morning fog, you can see why Burns could be mistaken for Pitt. And if you think that's a ... burn ... toward Pitt, you clearly haven't seen Burns recently.

#2: Is this Ken Burns, or Brad Pitt in regular lighting?

The documentarian had a bit of a glow up in quar, trading in his bowl cut for The Pitt. (Burns told GQ that he had kept the same style for so long because it's the hairstyle he had when his mother died.)

#3: Is this Ken Burns, or is this Brad Pitt in front of books that Burns would read?

Burns was on the show to promote his hair I mean Hemingway, his documentary with Lynn Novick about the legendary American author. Pitt, for his part, is wrapped up in a contentious divorce and custody case with ex Angelina Jolie.

#4: Is this Ken Burns, showing his Indoor Cat hands to prove he's not Brad Pitt?

One of the last times we saw Pitt was in April, 2020, when he played Dr. Anthony Fauci on SNL. He was nominated for an Emmy for the role, which, OK!

#5: Is this Brad Pitt taking off his Ken Burns wig?

The question remains: Has anyone seen Brad Pitt and Ken Burns in the same room, at the same time? Hmm?? HMM??


#1 – This is Ken Burns
#2 – Honestly, who knows! (It's Burns.)
#3 – This is Brad Pitt in front of fake books on SNL. Burns wold never read fake books!
#4 – Maybe!
#5 – Who's to say!

Images: YouTube/YouTube, screenshots

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