Jennifer Aniston's "Vocal Tic" On 'Friends' Isn't The Cough, It's The Way She Says "What!"

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Jennifer Aniston's "Vocal Tic" On 'Friends' Isn't The Cough, It's The Way She Says "What!"

The youths on TicTok think they have uncovered Rachel Green's "vocal tic" on Friends: A user uploaded a supercut video of Rachel clearing her throat before she starts sentences and announced that this video that "exposes" Rachel's "tic" will ruin Friends' fans lives.

Two things.

1) The clearing-of-the-throat isn't Rachel's prime tic! Are you kidding me?

2) The so-called tics are what make Rachel Green Rachel Green. If you didn't notice them while watching the show, what were you even doing. You must have been taking a lot of breaks to go grab some Purple Stuff or Sunny D. from the fridge because you missed a lot.

It's not the throat-clearing; it's the way she says "what!!!" that's her real calling card.

Aniston vis a vis Rachel adds a light "whoosh" to the beginning of "what," and then to pronounce the "at" part of , she curls the back of her tongue against the back of her throat to get this sort of, like, tone that's similar to an "ohm."

Just watch Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer do it perfectly on Weekend Update from February, 2016. Bayer's impersonation of Rachel Green is so good, even Aniston herself approved. When Aniston slides onto screen to join Bayer behind the desk, Phoebe's dead mother got her wings.

It's cute that the kids think that since they've watched Friends re-runs they understand Rachel, but it takes a real expert who watched the show in real-time — then purchased the boxset VHS TAPES of the series to impress her COLLEGE ROOMMATES — to really know what makes Rachel Green tick.

Someone get me some overalls, stat.

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Image: NBC via screenshot

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