Laila McQueen Talks 'Drag Race's Double Elimination, Her Audition, & What You Didn't See

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Laila McQueen Talks 'Drag Race's Double Elimination, Her Audition, & What You Didn't See

Laila McQueen is very aware of how RuPaul's Drag Race has changed since she appeared on Season 8 in 2016 — and not just when it came to the network. "The standards are higher, the fame and notoriety is more guaranteed," she told Joseph Shepherd, host of The Dipp's Exposed: Dragged Out in the podcast's latest episode. "I wasn't going after that when I auditioned. I was just like, 'I do drag, I really like the show, fuck it, let's just have fun.'"

It didn't quite turn out as one might hope — getting the boot immediately alongside Naysha Lopez in a double elimination — but Laila still has plenty to celebrate. Not only is she working on We're Here as a make-up artist, but also has been crafting sold-out jackets. It's a lot of silver lining, particularly since Laila understands why she was kicked off of Drag Race so early. "I think the cards fell how the cards fell," she says.

Listen to the latest episode below, and find out even more about Laila and her experience on the show, including what she really thought about Naysha Lopez's return, why fans shouldn't be frustrated with producer manipulation, and the biggest misconception about her. Sashay your way to the play button!

Listen to the brand-new episode, sponsored by ZocDoc, below, or on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Sashay your way to that play button!

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