'Drag Race's Porkchop Talks Pageants, Her Lip-Sync, & More With 'Exposed: Dragged Out'

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'Drag Race's Porkchop Talks Pageants, Her Lip-Sync, & More With 'Exposed: Dragged Out'

"This isn't a career that lasts 35 years," Victoria "Porkchop" Parker says as she celebrates her 35th year in the business as one of drag's most preeminent performers. "This is a career that might last 10 years, if you're really, really good and you're really, really lucky ... And obviously I have something I don't know what it is or how I got it or how to get rid of it. And I don't want to get rid of it."

So what is that "it" that allowed Porkchop to explode on the pageant scene, get eliminated way too early from Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race, and return regularly to the series as one of its most beloved Queens? Porkchop herself might not know, but she certainly has the experience to back up her success. In her full interview with The Dipp's new podcast, Exposed: Dragged Out, Porkchop talks to host Joseph Shepherd about what led her to Drag Race, why she refused to sit on that car, and where her career is taking her now. Because even after 35 years, there's plenty more Porkchop to come.

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JOSEPH SHEPHERD: Hey everyone. And welcome to Dragged Out. I'm Joseph Shepherd, and each week we dive into some of your favorite Queens who may have just went home a little too early on a Drag Race franchise. And we have somebody who is so amazing. You guys all know her. She is Miss Continental Plus 2000 and everybody knows her from Season 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race. It's Pork Chop. How are you doing?

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