'Canada's Drag Race's Eve 6000 Talks Self-Acceptance & Transphobia On 'Exposed: Dragged Out'

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'Canada's Drag Race's Eve 6000 Talks Self-Acceptance & Transphobia On 'Exposed: Dragged Out'

At the heart of RuPaul's Drag Race — and its international expansion, Canada's Drag Race — is acceptance. But that doesn't mean that its own contestants are so easily able to accept themselves.

That changes now for Canada's Drag Race's Eve 6000, who joined Exposed: Dragged Out's Joseph Shepherd for a chat about her time on the show, what went down behind the scenes, and her decision to come out as trans. "We all internalize transphobia because of society — and racism and sexism and all those things," she told Joseph. "But transphobia is the one that has affected me the most, because my own internalized transphobia was not allowing me to acknowledge who I am and what I need to do with my life."

And what she needs to do with her life, she decided, was realize the future she envisioned for herself. As she told Joseph, "One of the things that made me realize that this was the right decision for me was that my whole life I've never been able to imagine myself older. I've never been able to think about what my life will be like when I'm 40 years old? When I'm 50 years old? I've never been able to see it in my head. I've never been able to visualize who that looks like as a man. But when I think of myself as a woman being 60 years old, I see it, and I know that's who I'm supposed to be."

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