Envy Peru Talks Winning 'Drag Race Holland,' & The Difference Between Dutch & U.S. Queens

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Envy Peru Talks Winning 'Drag Race Holland,' & The Difference Between Dutch & U.S. Queens

When Envy Peru got the call she would be on the first season of Drag Race Holland (on Machu Picchu, no less), she had no idea how many people would be watching her — and watching her win. "We didn't know that this season of Drag Race Holland was going to be this big of a success," she tells Joseph Shepherd in the latest episode of Exposed: Dragged Out. But then she found out the series would not only be airing on Videoland (Holland's version of Netflix), but also WOW Presents+. "There was so much pressure, because not only was Holland watching, the whole world was watching."

Add to that a global pandemic, and you've got a season that was unlike anything that had ever hit The Netherlands before. "You had to be creative," Envy says.

Envy calls up Joseph to not only chat about the season that awarded her the crown, but also what inspired her to do drag in the first place, the difference between Drag Race U.S. and Holland ("The Dutch queens here are really chill"), and the moment that viewers at home didn't see. Plus, Mama Peru, and what it's like filming a crowning moment... without knowing whether or not you actually won. "The race is not over after filming the season," she says. "It starts after filming the seasons, because everyone has to have their content ready and on point."

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