Bianca Del Rio Talks 'Drag Race' Changes, Judge Judy, & Vodka

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Bianca Del Rio Talks 'Drag Race' Changes, Judge Judy, & Vodka

It might be money to win RuPaul's Drag Race, but to win Drag Race in 2021, you need, well, a lot of money. Such was not quite the case when Bianca Del Rio picked up the Season 6 victory back in 2014. "It's amazing that drag is celebrated, it's amazing that there's 54,000 franchises, it's amazing that drag is in people's living rooms," she tells Joseph Shepherd on his podcast, Exposed: Dragged Out, brought to you by The Dipp. "But also, I think people's idea is, 'let me spend a lot of money to be accepted or liked.' That's a tricky road."

So, while some winners of the series spend upward of $50,000 to score the victory, Bianca's road to fame was far scrappier, starting with a Cher impersonation at a bar and leading to a career in comedy and drag. Her success was certainly boosted by her Drag Race victory, even if she herself was not necessarily an avid viewer. "I did not like the show," she says. "I never watched it all the time like everyone else."

Still, there's plenty to discuss about her time on Drag Race, her relationship with some of her fellow contestants, playing Judge Judy during Snatch Game, and so much more. So sashay your way to the play button to listen to the full interview, and check out Joseph's YouTube page for more.

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