Wait, What Year Is It In 'Riverdale' Post-Time Jump?

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Wait, What Year Is It In 'Riverdale' Post-Time Jump?

Riverdale has always felt like a show without time. The characters have cell phones, but their hospital looks like something out of the 1950s. Jughead has a MacBook, but also uses a typewriter. They refer to today's pop culture, and yet every house still has a VHS player. The timeline has always been confusing, and with the time jump, Riverdale finally had a chance to make sense of it. Unfortunately, post-time jump, the Riverdale as timeline remains as confusing as ever.

In the last episode before the seven-year time jump, Principal Weatherbee made it clear that it was the year 2020. At the opening of the time-capsule from 1945, he specifically said that it was 75 years later, meaning that Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, Archie, Toni, etc., are all members of the class of 2020. You'd think that when the show picks up seven years later in Episode 4 of the season, "Purgatorio," it would be the year of 2027. But you'd be wrong.

"It's 2021, Chad," A 25-year-old Veronica tells her husband in the episode, sipping wine on their anniversary. Leave it to Veronica to casually reveal that she has aged seven years in one. But before you scream time travel or sorcery, let it be known that this is one plot twist Riverdale did not plan in advance. Turns out, it was just an honest mistake.

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