Did 'Riverdale' Just Wrap Season 5 Without Cole Sprouse?

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Did 'Riverdale' Just Wrap Season 5 Without Cole Sprouse?

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but, um, where is Cole Sprouse? On Wednesday, Riverdale showrunner Roberto-Aguirre Sacasa announced that Riverdale Season 5 had wrapped with a cast photo — only one cast member is notably missing. It looks like Riverdale wrapped without Cole Sprouse, and my Jughead senses are tingling.

What makes Sprouse's absence from the photo so notable is that this is a super inclusive cast photo celebrating the return of Josie & The Pussycats to Riverdale. Just about every member of the younger cast is included. The only ones missing are Cole Sprouse and Charles Melton, and Melton's absence makes sense plot-wise as Reggie's been the odd man out this entire season, working for Hiram instead of joining Archie's Save Riverdale campaign. Jughead missing the Josie & The Pussycats' return, however, makes zero sense.

It's rare for anybody to have a scene in/around Pop's that's not involving Jughead. He basically lives there. When he's not typing away in a booth, he's either working as a server or eating burgers and brooding. That's strike one. Strike two is the fact that Tabitha Tate is in the photo. She's standing right in the middle of the O.G. Pussycats. She and Jughead have basically been attached at the hip all season long, so to see them suddenly separated, especially during such a group moment, is odd.

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But if he's not in the final Season 5 cast photo, where is Cole Sprouse? Based on his Instagram, it looks like he wrapped last week. He shared a series of photos of his cast mates holding weapons on Instagram, writing, "Goodnight season 5," on May 20. So, we know Sprouse and Jughead are still very much part of the show, or they will be... for a time.

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