What Jobs Will The ‘Riverdale’ Characters Have In Season 5? We're Breaking It Down

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What Jobs Will The ‘Riverdale’ Characters Have In Season 5? We're Breaking It Down

Riverdale’s teens are some of the most industrious around — a few of them even ran legit businesses while “attending” high school (not that we saw them go to class all that much). So they’re probably pretty well-positioned for the transition to job-having adulthood, which is where the upcoming fifth season of the show will find them. After the first few episodes of the season, the show is set to jump ahead seven years, which means we’ll re-meet the core Riverdale characters in their mid-20s with, hopefully, jobs. But what exactly will those jobs be?

Welcome to the Riverdale Career Fair where we will examine the internet's clues to predict what each of the main teen characters will be doing once the show jumps forward seven years. We’ve already speculated plenty about what will bring these soon-to-be adults back to their hometown, but there’s another piece of the puzzle we’ve yet to consider: who will these characters be when we meet them again? What will they be doing with their lives? And how will whatever brings them back to Riverdale mess that up?

So update your résumé and come up with a better answer for "what is your biggest weakness," because it's time to get down to business. Literally.


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If this steamy screenshot tweeted by Riverdale’s creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is any indication, Archie could have found his professional passion fighting fires. The choice would reflect his hero complex and penchant for putting himself into dangerous situations to help others. However, the fact that he’s shirtless indicates that he might not be a real firefighter. Could he be a firefighter stripper?

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