Jughead's New Mind Reading Powers On 'Riverdale' Are More Of A Curse Than A Gift

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Jughead's New Mind Reading Powers On 'Riverdale' Are More Of A Curse Than A Gift

The new superpowers on Riverdale are more curse than gift, but Jughead's may be the one that really complicates things this season.

After surviving Hiram's bomb at the end of Season 5, Archie and Betty developed superhero-like powers. Archie suddenly had super strength, while Betty was able to read the auras of people who posed a danger to her. (Helpful, considering her job is to catch serial killers.) Jughead, unfortunately, only seemed to have lost his hearing in the blast — until the end of Season 6's "Death At a Funeral," in which he discovered he could read minds.

I'll be honest: I feel for Jughead. If I had to make a list of superhero powers I would want the least, it would be the ability to read minds. Sure, it could be useful in some circumstances (you could make money as a street psychic, and get a sweet deal at a car dealership?) but overall, this seems like hell. Knowing what people think about you, 24/7? I'd rather not! Learning that the people you love might not be as wonderful as you think, because their inner thoughts are a lot more unfiltered? Awful!

There's no way that Riverdale doesn't see the complications in Jughead's new powers...but how might it impact the season moving forward? Here are a few ideas on how Jughead's psychic abilities may cause major drama.

It Breaks Up Him and Tabitha

So far, we actually only know that Jughead can read Tabitha's mind — and, uh, that is not great for their relationship. They're a relatively new couple, and while they seem very close, there are just certain things you don't say in a relationship in order to protect the other person's feelings. Like, imagine if Tabitha isn't a huge fan of Jughead's comic books — but isn't outwardly honest about it, because she knows that would hurt him. Or, perhaps it's worse: What if Jughead overhears Tabitha expressing doubts in their relationship she won't say aloud? There are just certain things that are impossible to unhear, and this could definitely put a crack in what seems to be a pretty healthy romance thus far.

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Jughead Uncovers Abigail's Sinister Plot

Honestly, I don't think I would notice that Cheryl isn't herself — and is instead inhabited by a vengeful witch — because Cheryl already talks like a person outside of time and is characteristically chaotic. It would take a long time for the rest of the gang to realize exactly what's going on with Cheryl — but Jughead and his new mind-reading powers would be able to uncover the truth the moment they're in the same room. This could pose an issue for Jughead: if Abigail finds out about his abilities before Jughead is able to reveal the truth, he will have a target on his back.

Jughead Stops Percival Pickens Plot

There's a new guy in town, and he's looking more and more like the next Hiram. (RIP, assuming Hiram is really dead...) If Percival really wants to turn Riverdale into a utopian society (as spoilers for the new season have indicated) then that likely means getting rid of many of the things that make this small town with pep so special. Jughead has always been a protector of Riverdale, so it wouldn't be surprising if he used his powers to undercut Percival's plan.

Jughead Realizes Betty Is Still in Love With Him

Once upon a time, it really seemed like Betty and Jughead (a.k.a. Bughead) were endgame. Post high school, however, it seems that Betty is all about Archie. Despite that fact, the show hasn't quite forgotten about Bughead — technically, the former couple kissed at the end of the Rivervale special event, even if it wasn't the Riverdale version of Betty. With Archie and Betty getting more and more serious, it would be a major problem if Jughead learns that Betty hasn't gotten over her high school love. Would he tell Archie the truth, so Archie doesn't, say, propose to Betty? Would Jughead profess his love towards her, if he was confident she loved him, also? Jughead and Tabitha seem pretty cozy, but you never know what's really going on in these characters' minds...

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