I'll Admit It: I'm Not Against The Charles & Chic Ship On 'Riverdale'

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I'll Admit It: I'm Not Against The Charles & Chic Ship On 'Riverdale'

You know how some people ship Harley Quinn and the Joker, even though that relationship is extremely toxic on all levels? Well, maybe it's time those people turn their attention to a different murdering duo, who is at least equal in terms of the power dynamic. I am, obviously, talking about Riverdale's Charles and Chic, the show's very own murder-y power couple, who really could be a valuable addition to the Cooper clan — at least, in terms of providing fans with just the right dose of Riverdale's brand of chaos.

In Season 5's "The Pincushion Man," Charles and Chic show up to Juniper and Dagwood's party, having just broken out of prison with the help of Hiram Lodge, with a single mission: Have Alice marry them. Apparently, much to Betty's shock and disappointment, Alice has been visiting Charles in prison, and forged such a bond with him that Charles wanted her to be the minister at his wedding.

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Now, Alice knows full well that Charles is a murderer and that Chic posed as her son for months, and yet she still got ordained specifically for this occasion. This is the level of chill-with-murderers Riverdale operates on. But honestly? These two should get married, and ride off into the sunset together. It's the Riverdale way.

First, let me acknowledge the obvious: Yes, Chic tried to kill Betty. Yes, he is the reason Alice knows how much lye you need to dissolve a body. And sure, Charles orchestrated a bunch of murders (RIP Bret!), and committed some himself, all while pretending to be the golden boy of the FBI. However, it's for all of these reasons why they should get married, and become a part of the extended Cooper clan.

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