passive aggressive sister-in-law

So I’m in a pickle when it comes to my SIL. My brother, who I am very close with, has been together with his now wife since college. As we’ve gotten older, he and I have gotten closer. (We are only 3 years apart but went to different colleges) and since moving back to my hometown, I have found myself wanting to hang out with him more and more! He’s become a best friend in our early adult life and I couldn’t be happier!

Unfortunately, my SIL, who I’ve known for almost 10 years — although didn’t see often bc I lived out of state for a majority of it — seems to be jealous that my brother and I always wanna hang out. She makes small comments here and there that make it seem like I’m occupying all of his time (I’m not, we see each other MAYBE once a week.) Ex, I got tickets to a basketball game a couple of weeks ago and she made some passive aggressive comment when I went to his place before so we could travel together like “thanks for the invite” when she knew I got the tickets through someone who only had two, it’s his favorite team, AND SHE HATES SPORTS. She also texts my brother things like “of course you hanging out with Bread (me) - It would be crazy for you to hang out with your wife.”

I’ve tried including her in things, so she can see that it isn’t a matter of excluding her, but she just has such a sour attitude no matter what. I don’t think she dislikes me, I think she may just be jealous of the relationship my brother and I are forming now?

My questions for the crowd:

1) do I bring this up to my brother? I have to assume he’s noticed he’s not aloof

2) do I bring it up to her?

3) do I let my brother bring it up to her?

4) does this seem like a her problem more than a Bread problem?

Thank you for the advice in advance!